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Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn@Myspace

Seit Weihanchten hör ich nichts anderes mehr *g* Jetzt enspricht es meiner Laune, damals vllt nicht. Ah okay da hab ich auch eher Epica gehört. Und After Forever *g*

EA ist einfach Liebe. Sogar Matze mag sie. Deadlocked konnte ich auch überzeugen...

Courtney hat sich in der Wahl der ihrer Violinistin nicht geirrt. Hoffentlich arbeiten die beiden mal wieder zusammen...

Opheliac- Tracklist:

1. Opheliac

"Stastics show: Intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like. Don't think for a beat it makes it better When you sit her down and tell her Everything is gonna be alright She knows in society she either is A devil or an angel with no inbetween She speaks in the third person So can forget that she's me"

2. Swallow:

"I don't want to be a legend Oh well that's a god damned lie I do To say I do this for the people I admit is hardly true You tell me everything's alright As though it's something you been through You think thsi torment is romantic, wel it's not-except to you"

3. Liar:

"Are you suffering?"

4. The art of suicide:

"The world is full of poets We don't need anymore The wordl is full of singer We don't need anymore The world is full of lovers We don't need anymore..."

5. I want my innocene back:

"I want my innocene back and if you can't give it to me I will cut you down and i will run you through with the agger your sharpened on my body and soul before you slit me in two and then devoured me whole"

6. Misery Loves Company:

"Pray for me if you want to Pray for me if you care Pray for me if you want to pray for me if you dare pray for me if you want to pray for me if you care pray for me if you want to pray for me you fucker if you fucking dare"

7. God help me

"Won't you shine in my direction and help me Won't you lend me your protection and help me"


"I want to see the sky Everyone else can watch as the sun goes down So why can't I?"

9. Gothic Lolita

"I'm Gothic Lolita
And you are a criminal
I'm not even legal
I'm just a dead little girl
But riffles and laces
And candy sweet faces
Directed your furtive hand
I perfectly understand
So it's my fault?
No, Gothic Lolita"

"I am your sugar I am your cream I am your Anti-american dream, I'm your worst nightmare--now...scream."

10. Dead is the new alive

"So take me now or take me never"

11. I know where you sleep

"You can lie to the paper you can hide from the press"
(ha sie kennt mich noch nicht :P)

12.Let the record show:

"But while I breathe I've got no evidence to prove my end And so you'll walk away Nope wrong again"


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